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Kane Farms Annual Bull Sale

 On - Farm Combined vendor sale with Duncraigen  will be held on : Tuesday 29th May, 2018 at 11am at Tapanui, West Otago.

Up for offering is very high quality line up of bulls with balanced set of EBVs and excellent structure plus conformation which will move to any enviroment, including son of New Zealand bred bull Monymusk Gallant 110089, Westholm Papillion P16 ( A son Mounymusk Gallant 110089)  and S Chisum  plus may other quality sires ! 

 -17 Polled Herefords including  4 Duncraigen Farms  Polled Herefords 

- 10 Angus 

After a challenging  summer the bulls have devolped into Functional, Sound bulls which will add a value to your operation, this year the bulls have been videod by 'Bull Walk", this a intivate new way of veiw the bulls before you see them before sale or on sale day ! 

Please Feel Free to Call in Before the Sale. 

        Featured lots


 Lot 1 Westholm Gallant R100               Lot 2 Westholm Gallant R64                   Lot 3 Westholm Gallant R95  

by Monymusk Gallant 110089      Sired by Monymsuk Gallant 110089              Sired by Monymusk Gallant 110089

EBVs: https://bit.ly/2IbepZ8             EBVs: https://bit.ly/2KXNTA5                  EBVs:https://bit.ly/2ICb8RT


click on perfered bull to veiw video 




Lot 4  Westholm Gallant R94                   Lot 6 Westholm Papilllion R103            Lot 7  Westholm Papillion R59 

Sired by  Monymusk Gallant 110089      Sired by Westholm  Pappillion P16        Sired by Westholm  Pappillion P16

EBVs :https://bit.ly/2IjN82C                 EBVs https://bit.ly/2Iy64hH                     EBV's   https://bit.ly/2IzfVnd  

click on perfered bull to veiw video

10% of Lot 7 will be donated to the Waikaka Rugby Club, lets support your local commuinty  ! 





    Lot 10 Westholm Trust R58                        Lot 11 Westholm Fargo R2 

Sired by 735 M 326 Trust 100W                    Sired by Adro Fargo 1154

EBv's https://bit.ly/2jRozzt                           EBV's https://bit.ly/2wBOiW5

click on perfered bull to veiw video 








Email: westholm@farmside.co.nz | Phone: 03 204 8236 Westholm Polled Herefords - Blue Mountain Angus - KL1 Herefords